Home Automation

Lighting & Dimming Control

DAPL intelligent lighting automation is designed to give you a level of control and innovation that goes far beyond the ability to easily adjust the lights in your home.

Eco-friendly total lighting control that acts in your best interest whether you are at home or away.

Automated lighting control integrates with motion sensors to dim or turn off lights when a room is unoccupied.

Configure specific intelligent lighting to go on at sunset and off at daybreak.

With one touch initiate a “Goodnight” scene to turn off all interior lights and turn on exterior floodlighting.

Remotely monitor and control & adjust home lighting status throughout the house while away from home using your iPhone or Android gadgets.

AC/TV/DTH Control

Home automation takes comfort to the next level, allowing you to control your television, music system, X-Box, air-conditioner or shades wirelessly from a single universal remote. What’s more? You can even create intelligent scenes to automate routine tasks and instantly switch activities at your fingertips.

    Multiple Devices, One Control

  • Easy Integration and Configuration

    Get rid of individual remotes to control separate appliances. Integrate and Control devices across brands and applications through a single remote or smartphone for one-touch control.

  • Create Intelligent Scenes and Schedules

    Creating scenes and set schedules to trigger multiple devices at a specific time of the day. Let your home welcome you, after a busy day at work.

  • Effective Audio distribution in all rooms

    Connect all your speakers across rooms to play the same music or stream different music in each room as per your convenience and need.

Control Curtain & Blinds

Through the solution provided by Domotics Automation, you can motorize and control all your curtains, blinds, and skylights by Remote, Voice, and Mobile Application without compromising your own comfort from anywhere.

By integration with Automation, your curtains will become smart; they can be Open/Close at a fixed time automatically.


your curtains will open up slowly at 7 am in the morning; let you wake up from siesta with morning sunlight on your face....

at 10 pm at night, automatically curtains closed to give you the best comfort and sound sleep of you.....

in the afternoon of summer when the outside temperature increases your curtains/blinds automatically close and the air conditioner turns on, home temperature maintains as per your comfort ....

Designer Touch Switches

In DAPL we have the most elegant series of touch switches

We have a wide range of truly luxurious and designer switches that complement with aesthetic of your walls and enhance the beauty of your home

Switches are available in different colors and materials like Polycorbonate, Metal Finish like Copper, Gold, Silver, Wooden, Marble, Glass Touch Switch in White, Black & Gray, etc.

Fully Programmable switches that give you true freedom in controlling your home.

Customize GUI

GUI design is the process of making software interfaces for controlling your home through your mobile devices like your phone and tablet.

In our fully customized GUI, Domotics Automation Designers aim to create designs that are easy to use and pleasurable for our clients.

The interface looks attractive and has a seamless flow in use.

Voice Control

Now you can interact with smart home through your voice. Simply tell the system what to do, and your wish is granted

We provide systems that are compatible with most voice control technologies.

  • Google Assistant

    Google Assistant is a voice assistant that supports you in many aspects of your life. Discover how convenient it is to control your smart home system with Google home

  • Amazon Alexa

    Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. We integrate your smart home with Alexa to make your home smarter. So you can control your smart Home through Alexa, just have to “Alexa, turn on lights” or “Alexa, Turn of the Air Conditioner”