Integrated Security

CCTV Camera -Monitoring around the clock

We equipped your smart home with a network enable intelligent surveillance system that includes high-quality wired or wireless smart cameras with night vision, built-in motion detection sensor, and Voice recorders that help you to keep an eye on your home round the clock from anywhere in the world.

Video Door Phone- Never misses your guests

Your smart home with our IP video door phone system will always keep you informed about your home visitors. Never miss your guests, you can see, talk and Lock/unlock your doors for them from anywhere in the world.

Give instant access to surprise visitors and your dear ones. You can instruct the delivery boys about the parcels arrived in your absence. Video doorbells also have built-in motion detection sensors that will quickly report to you about any suspicious and unwanted movement at your main door and keep suspicious people away.

Biometric & Access Control- Privacy and security

With our smart digital locks, you can control or restrict the entries of Servants or undesired persons to the restricted areas. You can provide biometric, password access to your dear ones.

Intrusion Alarm System–never be worried

With our smart intrusion system, your intelligent home protects itself from intruders, trigger a loud alarm, turns on lights instantly, call/send notifications on your/neighbour’s smartphone and take other necessary action, if someone tries to intrude into your home.

EPABX& Networking – Stay connected

EPABX& Networking – Stay connected

In Domotics Automation we will plan seamless connectivity in every corner of your house.


With the efforts & planning of our networking team, you don’t have to worry about the range of Wi-Fi and connectivity. You will have seamless connectivity in every corner with wisely planed routers and access points around the home.

Your telephone and can be extended to every room of the house with an EPEBX/intercom system, so you never missed a call.

You can also stay connected with your servants in Kitchen/ Pantries and other family members by your landline on the bad side. you can transfer and receive calls anywhere in the house.