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Welcome to Domotics

Domotics Automation Pvt Ltd is a leading automation company Since 2011, providing premium quality, latest technology products with consultation, integration & installation and service support in India for Smart Home & Building Automation Solutions.

Domotics Automation boasts its industrial competence with specialized high performance technology & equipment, efficient & experienced manpower required for providing best smart home solutions to users.

We provided smart solutions for Small homes, premium villas, farmhouses, offices, Smart Class Room, Auditoriums, luxury hotels, wellness spas and institutions etc.

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Wireless Solutions

You are no longer tethered to wires coming out of walls, meaning you have the freedom to network anywhere

Wired Solutions

Reliability is another plus, as a good Ethernet network doesn't fall prey to interference or range.

Voice control

Our Device is compatible with most voice control technologies. Simply tell the system what to do, and your wish is granted.

#1_India_home_Automation_Provider "ALEXA! Play my favorite music."

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Solutions that are suitable for all budgets from the middle class to the premium class. Home automation for all people of India.



A system that is easy to understand and can be used by all



Customizable according to the requirement & convenience of the end-user.



Dedicated technical support team which is ready for 24*7 prompt service & support.


Satisfied Clients


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Working Projects

Work Process


This is the stage when we discuss & understand your requirement, preferences & lifestyle, Site condition & your budget. Accordingly, we suggest & select the best product for you. Then We create a detailed proposal with accurate estimates, the scope of work, and other requirements. That helps you to understand and select the right solution.

Planning & Working

After approval of the proposal, our team of experts starts work on your project, beginning with system design & plans, we issue detailed wiring layouts where required. Regular site visits are done to ensure proper provisioning for all smart home devices.

Installation & Delivery

Our team of engineers and technicians carefully install, program, and calibrate all the equipment. Detailed testing is done to ensure everything works as intended. This is followed by a product demo and proper training to the customer on operating the system.